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『英検集中音読企画』第3部 6月17日課題

『英検集中音読企画』第3部 6月17日課

Aging Society



Main Question: Will Society with low birthrates face a crisis in the future?

Question1: What are your thoughts on China's decision to allow couples to have three children?

Question2: What are the biggest challenges for young parents in Japan?

Question3: How should we deal with Japan’s declining birth rate?

Question4: Should medical care for senior citizens be free?




図1 自宅でおじいさんを介護している女性。とても疲れた表情をしている
図2 夫婦が介護の方法について話し合っている
図3 夫が介護ロボットを持って帰ってくる
図4 介護ロボットがおじいさんを抱き上げている。 おじいさんも夫婦も笑顔を浮かべている

Main Question: One day, a woman is at her home.

Question1: Please look at the Picture No.4. If you were the old man, what would you be thinking?

Question2: Do you think modern technology has improved people’s lives?

Question3: Will it become more common for people to live with their aging parents in the future?

Question4: Do you think it is a good idea for three generations to live in the same house?